April , 2013

1st Place Winner: 

  • Purplegirlie

​2nd Place Prize: Choice of Milk Cow or Sheep

  • MadDawg542

3rd Place Prize[3]: Pink Animal Random Box :

  • Curvic, Elvenjui, Atreyu

March , 2013

1st Place Winner: Milk Cow

  • MadDawg542

2nd Place Winner: Sheep

  • annese

3rd Place Winners(3): Bunny Chair

  • GeeBunny
  • Kalida
  • badme8

February, 2013

1st Place Winner: Sheep

  • l_monique_l

​2nd Place Winners(5): Pink Seeds Random Box

  • ruby-cutie11
  • Kalida
  • moomaker
  • jynxiestar
  • beabelicious

Thanks everyone for joining!

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